“Breathe deeply, until sweet air extinguishes the burn of fear in your lungs and every breath is a beautiful refusal to become anything less than infinite.” – D. Antoinette Foy

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Founder of Breathwork Africa
Dr Ela is committed to sharing breathwork on the continent and further afield. Her integrated and conscious approach to wellness, alongside her unique focus on breathwork has been a catalyst for healing and change across all communities and sectors from business to education. Ela is an integrative medical doctor, specialist in energy management and author of Breathe: Strategising Energy in the Age of Burnout.

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Director at Breathwork Africa
Marj is a Director at Breathwork Africa and qualified Breathwork Practitioner who has a unique gift of working with young people. Her background in communication and coaching, as well as her own life experience has afforded her deep insight in the human condition. Marj's passion is to equip young people with the ability to experience life fully.


Breathwork Practitioner in White River, Mpumalanga (currently in Vanuatu, South Pacific Region

Graham's motto is..."the way we breathe guides the way we live."
Breathwork is a very tangible way to deepen our self-awareness, which is the foundation of living consciously; mastering the emotional energy we radiate into every moment, every experience and every interaction. Conscious Breathwork has also demonstrated itself as a truly effective way to heal and transform unresolved emotional trauma; which modern science is revealing as the root cause of many of our illnesses and disease. Graham offers one-on-one sessions, groups sessions and workshops.

Contact Graham on or 060 669 4743


Breathwork Practitioner in Hout Bay, Western Cape

Certified Breathwork & Yoga Practitioner, Jean Rossouw, is passionate about introducing people to the power of Breathwork for physical, spiritual and psychological well-being, while being a keen explorer of modalities that further these dimensions of living. Jean is interested in the inner dimensions of change and healing, especially the overlap between spirituality, neuroscience and transpersonal states. He offers individual and group Breathwork sessions at various studios around Cape Town, including his own studio in Hout Bay.

Get in touch if you need a safely held experience that will lift your spirit, dissolve stress and anxiety, awaken and enliven life force through the healing power of your Breath and Body. Jean provides follow-up support and help with integration when needed.

Contact Jean on or 0732390345 


Breathwork Practitioner in Bloemfontein, Free State

Louise  is a Breathwork and Mindfulness-Based Coach & Facilitator, with a degree in Occupational Therapy and has been practicing Occupational Therapy for 20 years, mainly in the field of Addiction, Psychiatry/Wellness and Children’s emotional problems. Louise has diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy, is a Heal Your Life (Louise Hay) Facilitator and a registered Tibetan Sound Healer and Reiki practitioner. 


Louise offers a personal approach and compassionate understanding for her clients. Each person is seen as an individual and a person with their own special needs, rather than their condition or labels.

Her intention is to work in the field of Breathwork and Mindfulness-Based Interventions and to contribute towards fostering increasing self-awareness and inspire those who choose to recover.

Contact Louise on or 072 175 7556



Breathwork Practitioner in Johannesburg, Gauteng

Tara is an Executive at one of South Africa's leading banks, a qualified Executive and Life Coach, a certified Breathwork Practitioner and Kahuna Body Worker.  She is also a mother, wife, friend and walker of the crossroads. "I’m all about the real... real life, real shifts and the real work we need to do to access our best yet."


Tara believes that getting into the body and connecting is where the real sustainable transition takes place and that Breathwork enables us to break through a debilitating, often narrowed perspective and supports all disciplines and allows for a fuller life.

Contact Tara at or 083 645 7544



Breathwork Practitioner in Saldanha Bay, Western Cape

The way you hold and move your breath within your body mirrors how you experience life outside your body.  Through engaging your breath you develop a deeper understanding of these experiences from within and what is required to offer the shift or transformation you may require.

Audrey uses her background in Physiotherapy, Pilates and Somatics to facilitate this re-connection to yourself through different breathwork practices. Embodying your breath is the start of your journey to conscious living and utilising Life force that offers healing and growth. She offers individual and group Breathwork classes in a safe environment for adults and children alike.

For more information please contact her at or 076 767 5046


Breathwork Practitioner in Harare, Zimbabwe (and Cape Town, Western Cape)

Shungu is an Integral Coach® and Breathwork Practitioner who deeply respects Breath and understands it as connective, supportive and communicative - both as a language and whole being experience that is unique in each individual. Shungu works with Breathwork and Leadership Embodiment principles in her coaching and continues her journey of learning in this space.


She is the Founder of SenseSana a multidisciplinary practice that offers human-centred interventions supporting individuals and organisations to navigate change. 


A lawyer by training, Shungu’s career began in the field of Human Rights Law. Shungu remains passionate about equality and empowerment.


You can get hold of Shungu on or +27 21 140 3518

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