W H A T   I S   B R E A T H W O R K

Breathwork is an ancient art, a modern science and an inner experience that offers peace, energy and meaning to a deeply ailing society. Sitting right under our nose is a technology so simple and treasure so profound that up to now has been taken for granted. 


Conscious Breathing spans a range of techniques that can be integrated and applied in every aspect of life. We work with simple meditative breath awareness to practical daily self-regulation techniques and the more dynamic and intense processes that release deeply held patterns of stress and support personal transformation. 


With a measurable impact on physical well-being, mental health, creativity and sports performance, the power of breathwork lies in its simplicity, accessibility and relevance both in communities that are desperately under resourced as well as those living in highly pressured urban settings.

"Feelings come and go like clouds in a windy sky. Conscious breathing is my anchor." - Thich Nhat Hanh


A B O U T   B R E A T H W O R K   A F R I C A

Founded by medical doctor, Dr Ela Manga, Breathwork Africa is a social enterprise and community network that is committed to sharing the art and science of Pneumanity™ breathwork as a tool of self-empowerment, healing and transformation through Individual and group sessions, practitioner training, talks and workshops. 

We believe in the power of conscious breathing to help access our own inner resources to heal, feel empowered, build communities and restore our connection with nature. 


We work with children, students, business leaders, entrepreneurs, NGO’s, creatives, activists, educators, athletes - anyone who is open to personal growth, greater self-awareness and improved health.

Image by Greg Rakozy

P N E U M A N I T Y ™   B R E A T H W O R K

Practicing breathwork in the Southern African context is humbling and heart opening, inviting us to listen and learn from the wisdom of the people and the energy of the land. It requires an approach that is adaptable, simple, safe, and most importantly, accessible to all people. Breathwork Africa believes it is time that the world benefit from the wealth of knowledge and indigenous wisdom of the continent – we offer Pneumanity™ as part of this birthright.

Pneumanity™ is both a practical toolkit and a multidimensional approach to conscious breathing.  It is grounded in science and is inspired by the ancient knowledge that is deeply rooted within the spirit of Africa. It is a system that draws on a vast range of styles and practices but that is manifest from the cradle of all humanity – Southern Africa. It underpins all that we do at Breathwork Africa. It is distinct to us and is uniquely African.

It is borne from the words ‘Pneuma’ and ‘Humanity’.

N|om, ntu, umoya, chi, seiki, prana, are all expressions of pneuma, the ancient Greek word that describes spirit or breath, the universal life force. It is acknowledged in every tradition, religion, and indigenous knowledge system.

In African cosmology the concept of ntu describes this force as one that ties us to our roots, to each other, to nature and the unseen realms.  It is the invisible thread that gives us life and connects us inextricably and infinitely. It is acknowledged in every tradition, religion, and indigenous knowledge system of the first peoples.

Humanity: The heart of humanity is best described by “Ubuntu”, a Zulu word that encapsulates a way of being that honours and respects humanity, the interconnectedness of all of life and sense of belonging to each other, nature and all of existence. We emphasise the power of breath as a great equaliser and tangible experience of ubuntu and in world that is polarised by fear and fragmented by limiting beliefs.

At Breathwork Africa we believe that breathwork is far more than a practice, and as such Pneumanity™ presents a conscious and empowering way to move through life – in flow with the breath and nature.