Breathwork Foundation Course

The 3-day Breathwork Foundation Course offers participants fascinating insights into the science of breathing and a solid set of skills that can be applied and shared with family, colleagues, students and clients.


It is presented over three consecutive days, and in this period we  cover topics ranging from Respiratory Anatomy and Physiology to  Applications of Breathwork, including practical exercises. This three-day immersion is a life-changing journey and exploration of self.

The course offers the perfect entry point into Breathwork and is a prerequisite for the Advanced Practitioner Training.

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  • 3-day course. Investment R 6,300 or USD 480 for international payments

    Starts Aug 12

    6,300 South African rand

Breathwork Foundation Course in Dahab, Egypt

A 3-day in-person course in Dahab.

Various packages available.

12 - 14 August 2022


The foundation course was absolutely amazing! It felt like an online weekend retreat. In three short days I was able to learn so much, let go of so much and feel a passion for breathwork awaken inside of me.  I was really in awe of how amazingly complex the human body is and its capacity for healing. Dr. Ela Manga and her team really brought breathwork to life, like art and poetry.  I am very glad I joined the course and am excited about the journey ahead. 


This powerful word “Breath” Intrigued me more and more. During the conscious breathwork session, I felt like it was such a spiritual upliftment. I could feel a deep healing experience within me. I immediately felt the fire in me that was reignited after quite some time in my life. I feel like I have more passion and ambition for life and just so grateful and blessed that I am alive and breathing!


Breathwork Africa’s Foundation course was hugely rewarding for me. It really gave a solid grounding in the essential principles and techniques. I was so inspired by what I learnt in just 3 days, I immediately signed up for the Advanced Practitioners Course. Breathwork has transformed my life.