The 3-day Breathwork Foundation Course offers a personal journey through the ART of Breathwork. It offers participants fascinating insights into the science of breathing and a solid set of skills that can be applied and shared with family, colleagues, students and clients.


This three-day immersion is a life-changing journey and exploration of self.

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This powerful word “Breath” Intrigued me more and more. During the conscious breathwork session, I felt like it was such a spiritual upliftment. I could feel a deep healing experience within me. I immediately felt the fire in me that was reignited after quite some time in my life. I feel like I have more passion and ambition for life and just so grateful and blessed that I am alive and breathing!


Breathwork Africa’s Foundation course was hugely rewarding for me. It really gave a solid grounding in the essential principles and techniques. I was so inspired by what I learnt in just 3 days, I immediately signed up for the Advanced Practitioners Course. Breathwork has transformed my life.

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