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Advanced Practitioner Course

The Advanced Breathwork Practitioner Training Certification  (APC) offers a comprehensive training in the Science and Art of conscious breathing.


This unique and life changing course equips trainees with the knowledge and skills to practice breathwork professionally. It also caters for those who have a passion for breathwork and who would simply like to learn and experience breathwork for personal development.

The formal training occurs over a 12-month period, however, participants are given an additional 12 months, if needed, to complete all the requirements after which a certificate will be granted. The course can be completed in a year, but no less than that.

A pre-requisite for the Advanced Breathwork Practitioner Course is the Breathwork Foundation Course.


Applications for APC2025 are open.

For more info on the APC, kindly email us at

Accredited by the Global Professional Breathwork Alliance.



Breathwork has been an important self-regulating tool at my disposal for some time and it has helped me cope with the various states of dis-ease in which I found myself daily. Since the first time I practiced Breathwork, I have used the various breathing techniques to cope with social stresses, post covid symptoms and burnout. The recognition that the power lies within me, sustains me through the deep bouts of anxiety. Teaching people to tap into their own inner resources in order to cope with the pressures of daily life or past traumas is what I believe Breathwork Africa does.


Being empowered to help myself through conscious connected breath has been the greatest gift and knowing that I can in any moment navigate my situation through the use of the various techniques I’ve learned has been the best thing during moments of overwhelm. It’s something I truly believe that everyone should be able to do


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