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What is Breathwork?

Breathwork is simply the practice of breathing with awareness, intention and attention to our inner experience, in the present moment.

Conscious breathing practices can vary in duration, intensity and purpose. They can be as simple as a few minutes’ exercise to promote mental focus and relaxation, or they can last for an hour or more, creating altered states of consciousness and a deeply personal therapeutic process.

Used regularly, conscious breathing can help people develop the skill of relaxation, even in challenging situations. Conscious breathing can be practiced by all ages in all circumstances including at school, the workplace, sports, and during periods of stress.



Our monthly online Masterclasses are 2-hour Zoom sessions usually held on the last Saturday of the month. They offer unique insights into all aspects of our breath. It's a fantastic opportunity to learn how to breathe optimally and to apply a vast range of breathing styles in the comfort of your own space.


The topics are informative, relevant and at the cutting edge of science. Some of the topics include Taking control of Anxiety, Managing your Energy, Tools for Teens, Dealing with grief, and Feminine rhythms of change.


Masterclass sessions are informative, relevant, and at the cutting edge of science. Each Masterclass comprises of a discussion around a specific topic, followed by a practice where you are invited to experience your breath in the comfort of your home. The session ends with time for reflection, questions and feedback.


All Masterclasses are recorded and booked participants receive the recording link a few days after the masterclass.


No experience required.

Masterclass with Dr Ela Manga
Masterclass with Dr Ela Manga
27 Jul 2024, 15:00 SAST
Online Zoom Event
Unlock the power of CO2
Umoya BreathFest 2024
Umoya BreathFest 2024
22 Sept 2024, 11:00
Cradle Valley Conference Venue
Cradle of Humankind, Gauteng, South Africa

Pneumanity™  Breathwork

Pneumanity™ is an approach to conscious breathing that is inspired by an ancient vision of the future, held and shared by the Breathwork Africa community.


It is an integrative and embodied approach to breathwork that is honouring of each individual as a unique expression of their history, character and spirit. It draws on the vast scope of practices that are guided by ancient wisdom and grounded in modern science.


Pneumanity™  is  adaptable, simple, safe and most importantly, accessible to all people regardless of age, culture, nationality, race, gender identity or sexual orientation, religion and life circumstances. It guides every person to their own resources held within their body and breath.


It is borne from the words ‘Pneuma’ and ‘Humanity’, the essence of Ubuntu and the universal life force that weaves through the heart of humankind.

Our Story

Our Story

Breathwork Africa is a social enterprise and community network founded by Dr Ela Manga when she saw the potential of conscious breathing as a fundamental pillar in the practice of integrative medicine. Ela felt inspired to share this tool with every person who was open to tapping into their most powerful free and available inner resource and natural technology.


Since then, with the steadfast support of Marj Murray, Simon Kehagias and a growing team of Pneumanitarians, Breathwork Africa has grown in depth and breadth. It is manifesting its vision  through the art and science of Pneumanity™ breathwork as a tool of self-empowerment, healing and transformation. Through individual and group sessions, practitioner training, talks and workshops we are meeting a wide audience in Africa and globally.


We support children, students, business leaders, entrepreneurs, NGO’s, creatives, activists, educators, athletes - anyone who is committed to physical and mental health, personal growth, wellbeing and greater self-awareness .

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