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A 2-day training course that equips one with the knowledge and skills to work with breathing in children. The course is appropriate for parents, educators, sports coaches, psychologists, occupational therapists or anyone who interacts with young people. It covers the basic neuroscience of the breath, a set of breathing skills and creative ways to adapt them. More...

Project Inspire:
Breathing Buddy Training Programme 

The Foundation Course is for those interested in learning the basic skills of breathwork and who would like to integrate it into their personal lives and work. It will leave you with fascinating insights into the science of breathing and a solid set of skills that can easily be  shared with your family, colleagues, students and clients. This three-day immersion is a life changing journey into the self. More...

Breathwork Foundation Course

The Advanced Breathwork Practitioner Course (APC) is a one-year programme that has been designed for anyone who has felt inspired to deepen their exploration of breath.  The advanced course is limited to just ten participants annually, assuring that the participant gains the necessary knowledge, skills and experience to establish an effective and successful professional practice that is accredited by Breathwork Africa and its international affiliates. More...

Advanced Breathwork Practitioner Course