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Breathwork Foundation Course

Johannesburg, South Africa

12 - 14 July 2024

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Simon Kehagias - Facilitator

Audrey Redmond - Facilitator

Course Details

Over three transformative days, embrace the ancient art of breathwork - a powerful, yet simple tool for healing, clarity, and inner peace.

Breathwork’s rising popularity isn’t by chance. It’s a testament to its profound impact on stress reduction, creativity enhancement, and emotional resilience. Whether you’re navigating the demands of professional life or seeking personal enlightenment, this retreat offers a sanctuary for profound self-discovery.


Revitalize Your Being: Through guided sessions, learn breathwork techniques that restore balance, energize your mind, and calm your soul.


Learn and Grow: Gain insights into various breathwork practices, understanding their benefits and how to integrate them into daily life for yourself and to share with loved ones.


Connect Deeply: Join a community of like-minded professionals, creatives, and seekers. Together, foster connections that enrich both your personal and professional journeys.

Who would find this course fascinating?

  • Anyone who would like to add breathwork to their current skillset.

  • As the first step for those would like to pursue a career in breathwork  

  • Anyone who is seeking the tools for personal growth and change

  • Those who would like a solid scientific grounding and deepening of their current practice. 

  • Those who would like to share breathwork with family, clients, and colleagues

  • Those seeking to connect with a global like-minded community

  • Anyone who is curious 


It is particularly useful for healthcare practitioners, life coaches, teachers, entrepreneurs, performance artists, parents, athletes, artists, those experiencing a life change crisis or anyone wanting to live with more courage, creativity, and authenticity. No previous experience required, and it is open to anyone around the globe.

A unique 3-day experience: 

  • A course crafted and refined by a medical doctor

  • A merging of indigenous knowledge with cutting edge neuroscience

  • Provides practical tools for daily life

  • Reignites wonder for the intricacies of the human form

  • A tool for personal transformation and collective change

  • Experience the full spectrum of breathwork practices that support Breath Intelligence

  • Inspired by the Threads of Pneumanity™ - Breathwork Africa's approach to breathwork, integrating traditional wisdom and universal principles


Booking Details

Dates and times:

12 - 14 July 2024 (Friday - Sunday)

9am - 4pm daily


The Stillpoint, 3 Cotswold Drive, Saxonwold, Johannesburg

Cost per person

R 8,800 incl VAT

Comprehensive manual and lunches included

For bookings and enquiries contact Marj Murray​

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