"If you want to conquer the anxiety of life, live in the moment, live in the breath." - Amit Ray

Breathwork Africa offers several opportunities and environments in which to experience and learn more about breathwork.


A virtual community where you can connect, recharge and make conscious breathing a part of your life through attending regular classes throughout the week. Stay tuned for our weekly menu.


Breathwork Africa offers a 3-day introductory Breathwork Foundation Course, Advanced Practitioner Training and a Breathing Buddy Training Program for those who work with children. 


For more information on Practitioner Training, kindly click the button below.


Using a range of techniques that is best suited to you, these sessions will enhance your breath Intelligence by repatterning the dysfunctional breathing habits caused by poor posture, chronic stress, emotional trauma and environmental toxins. They offer you the opportunity to release the subconscious programming that may be difficult to access with the conscious mind. For children, we offer sessions to support self-regulation, increase confidence, manage anxiety and improve focus.


Group sessions are held regularly and are open to anyone whether you are new to the practice or are a regular attendee. They are held at various locations and offer a profound deep dive breathwork experience based on conscious connected breathing.


Please visit our Calendar Tab to see details of upcoming workshops.


Breathwork is a meaningful and profound way to connect with those you love.  For couples, birthday celebrations, and friends’ get-togethers, we offer specially crafted experiences at your home or at a venue of your choice.


Simple tools to support mental and emotional well-being in the workplace is crucial. These talks and workshops are geared to create an understanding of the science of breathing, and offer practical breathing techniques that can be accessed by anyone.


These sessions are relevant for corporates, community organisations, schools, training facilities, SMMEs and special interest groups and are tailored to the needs of the organisation.


As organisations are committing themselves to employee wellness and growth, we offer customised sessions for Wellness Days, which focus on breathing experiences and practical take-home techniques that can be integrated into daily life.

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