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Project Inspire

Empowering young people one breath at a time

Conscious breathwork is a set of breathing techniques that serve as an empowering and immediately effective tool which:

  • Supports self-awareness and self-regulation.

  • Is easy to teach and apply.

  • Is fun to integrate into home life, the classroom, creative spaces and on the sports field.

  • Can be adapted for any age and applied in any situation.

Why Breathwork is powerful

Immediately calms the stress response.

Builds capacity to hold attention and focus.
Helps children to stay grounded and tune into the signals in their body.
Empowers children to express their emotions without suppression or overwhelmed.

Happy Portrait
Image by Annie Spratt

Supports deeper and more restorative sleep.

Enhances creative thinking.

Builds confidence, self-esteem, tolerance and patience.

Creates a deeper connection in the family.

One-on-One Sessions

In one-on-one sessions we teach simple techniques in fun and memorable ways which children can access at any time in any environment.

School Programmes

Our Schools Program offers workshops for educators and learners, either combined or separately. These sessions give a basic understanding of how breathing impacts the mind and body, an experience of breathwork as well as practical techniques to bring into the classroom.

Family Sessions

A great way to bond and integrate breathwork into family life. These sessions can be run at home or at a venue if required.

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Breathing Buddies

The Breathing Buddies Training Programme is a 1-day course equipping those who work with children or want to support children with a substantial, practical tool kit which can be integrated and adapted to their environment.​

For detailed information on Project Inspire and any of the offerings, kindly send us an email.

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