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Profound. Insightful. Transformative. Breathe brilliantly shines light on the basic laws of energy by weaving together neuroscience and Eastern philosophy.


Burnout has become the new cancer of our complex world. Faced with a collective global energy crisis, the fractured distractions and demands of our digitalised lives have drained us of our inherent life force. As we tumble into a vortex of disconnection, our natural energy resources are constantly being depleted.


Through compelling real-life stories, the symptoms and causes of burnout are explored, highlighting the difference between stressful adrenalised energy versus a more sustainable authentic energy. Breathe tackles the challenges of mastering health, vocation and meaningful relationships, guiding us to an authentic life of inner change and sustained vitality.


Breathe is an illuminating user-friendly guide to help develop conscious strategies and habits to master our health and energy.

Breathe - Strategising energy in the age of burnout (Book)

    • Paperback
    • 234 pages
    • English language


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