• Marj Murray

Day 5 – Breath of Compassion: Sending Love and Healing to the World

It is easy to become overwhelmed by the collective fear and suffering of others and as a result feel emotionally fatigued and burnt out. Over and above what we are feeling we also experience what we call ‘empathy fatigue’. Through working consciously with our breathing, we can transform anxiety and overwhelm to compassion for ourselves and others. Feeling our interconnectedness supports us to tap into the experience of compassion, a sense that ‘we are one’.

How to practice:

Use your inhale to stretch your heart and feel that you are part of a collective heart that is holding the pain of others in loving kindness. Use your exhale to feel compassion for yourself.

If you are practicing this technique on your own, use your breath to feel how you are connected to everything and everyone, that you are part of nature. That the molecules in the air that you are breathing have been a part of someone else at some point. That you are breathing in the very same air that was breathed by people on earth ten thousand years ago and that every breath that you breathe out has your unique energy signature that you are giving back. Feeling this, feel your edges melting and feel yourself merging into the great ocean of compassion.

Breathe in kindness for yourself, breathe out kindness for others

Breathe in peace for yourself, breathe out peace for others

Breathe in joy for yourself, breathe out joy for others

Breathe in compassion for yourself, breathe out compassion for others

Breathe in love for yourself, breathe out love for others

Do this as a daily practice.

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