• Marj Murray

Day 4 - Feeling overwhelmed: Humming Bee Breath

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

The world is feeling noisy right now - we are being bombarded with information, scary stories, varying opinions and the noise of our own minds.

This is our favourite practice to quieten down all the noise and to create a feeling of stillness and centring within. It reconnects the body and brain and sends calming signals to the brain from the vocal cords through the Vagus nerve.

The Vagus nerve is the longest nerve in the body connecting most of the major organs between the brain and colon, like a system of roots or cables. Deep breathing turns on the Vagus nerve enough that it acts as a brake on the stress response. It has been described as largely responsible for the mind-body connection.

The Vagus nerve listens to the way we breathe, and it sends the brain and the heart whatever message our breath indicates.

How to practice:

Find a comfortable position. Take a deep inhale through the nose.

Then close off your ears with your thumbs and gently cup your fingers over your eyes without applying pressure. Then hum for a long as you can until you feel you’ve runout of air. Then keep doing this, by taking long inhales through the nose and humming out.

Do this about 6-8 times.

After the last cycle, just relax to normal breathing, keeping your eyes closed and enjoying the sensations.

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