Day 15 – The Bunny Breath for Children

The Bunny Breath is a great technique to use for feeling through big emotions. Children love this technique, but adults can use it as well. Bunny Breath is used when we are feeling overwhelmed by sadness or madness and can even be used when gladness overexcites us! This breath helps us feel the emotion (not suppress it) and move through it (also not making it a big story).

How to practice:

Think about how a bunny moves around sniffing. It smells for the ground for its food and sniffs around the garden to find other interesting things to eat.

Sniff three times through the nose

And then exhale through the mouth

Sniff, sniff, sniff, breathe out

Sniff, sniff, sniff, breathe out

You can also add movement – start in a squatting postion and hop while doing the Bunny Breath.

Teach children techniques before they need them, then when they find themselves in an overwhelming situation you can remind them of which breath to use without having to exhaling it, and they will also remember it when they find themselves alone and can recall it.

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