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Pneumanity™ Foundation

Change catalyst for a healing-informed society

The Pneumanity™ Foundation

Is the not-for-profit arm of Breathwork Africa, that serves our mission to use breathwork to make a holistic model of wellbeing free and accessible to all people and communities in Southern Africa and that supports our focus on training of breathwork practitioners of an international standard.


In a country where the majority of the population experiences poverty, marginalisation, disempowerment and impact of trauma, conscious breathing is an inner resource that is accessible, measurable, easy to teach and immediately, effective fostering an embodied sense of agency and means of self-regulation.


Departing from the default mindset of fixing or rescuing, it is a move towards working with resources that already exist, creating the conditions in which an organic process of healing and change can emerge and evolve. That condition must begin with individuals who are coregulated within themselves, with each other and the environment.


We offer training programmes to people within the communities, empowering them to co-create programmes that are relevant for their particular community. Our aim is also to create greater awareness of breathwork on the African continent. To date more than 700 people have gone through our foundation course and over 100 practitioners are training to be certified breathwork practitioners.


In order to fulfil our mission of setting up training facilities across the African continent our organisation requires the resources to sustain itself, grow, do more research and train more practitioners.

We are humbly inviting your support to manifest this vision.

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Pneumanity™ Foundation
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