Threads of Healing

Consecration Retreat

Consecration is a retreat and exploration facilitated by artists and healers, offering a space for conversations around death and life, and to honour the cycles of dying and living through creative, cathartic, and contemplative arts.


The sacred nature of life, reflected in the cycles of birth and death have always been honoured through the rituals and traditions of ancient cultures. We are living in a time where our global culture’s denial of death has diluted the meaning of ritual and ceremony. Our unexpressed grief is held as trauma when we lose connection with that which is sacred - perpetuating cycles of intergenerational pain.


When grief is held, supported, and celebrated for its role, the acceptance that follows become the seeds for a life of even more depth and meaning. There is a need for a renewed understanding of grieving and dying as intrinsic processes of creation and living; to resew the fit of our culture into nature, our invitation to restore our relationship with the sacred; to evoke our innate empathy and kindness and thereby addressing a myriad of symptoms of societal ills.


This retreat is an invitation to visit the human experience of life and loss on all levels - loss of identity, the loss of a dream, loss of life as we know it, and transitioning into a different phase of life. The invitation is open to anyone interested in exploring the sacred arts of living and dying for themselves and to be collaborators in the process of this exploration.


Processes such as storytelling, walking the land, breathwork, ceremony and artistic expression will be weaved through the weekend. There will be time for reflection and connection.

58 in the Cradle of Humankind is a space of healing in nature. It offers pristine accommodation, open spaces, sacred land, and delicious food. Cost includes 2 nights’ accommodation, all meals, and attendance at all sessions. It excludes transport to venue and drinks.

Date: Friday, 10 September, 5pm to Sunday, 12 September, 3pm

Retreat Space: 58, Cradle of Humankind (



R 9,300 / single

R 7,750 / sharing