Project Inspire
Empowering young people one breath at a time...


Today's young people are experiencing unprecedented levels of stress. The pressures of academic life, sport, extra murals, family, friends and social media can be overwhelming. It is creating an epidemic of chronic anxiety. The neural pathways developed in the first 21 years of life play a vital role in determining the quality of one’s future. It is therefore imperative that we teach our children the foundational skills that build compassionate resilience, creative thinking, confidence, energy and focus to create a generation that is healthy, empowered and heart centered. Project Inspire has been developed to provide young people with these skills.


Conscious breathwork is a set of breathing techniques that serves as an empowering and immediately effective tool which:

  • Supports self-awareness and self-regulation

  • Is easy to teach and apply

  • Is fun to integrate into home life, the classroom, creative spaces and on the sports field

  • Can be adapted for any age and applied in any situation

Project Inspire supports 3 to 16 year old's. Skills and techniques are shared according to specific needs and in a manner that is relevant and appropriate to each age group.



  • One-on-one sessions

  • Family sessions

  • Parent-child workshop

  • Schools Program

  • Breathing Buddy Training Program

The Benefits of Breathing for Young People

  • Reduces bullying 

  • Strengthens the immune system 

  • Normalises heart rate and rhythm 

  • Improves coordination, concentration, teamwork and cooperation

  • Improves sleep and eating disorders

  • Improves relaxation and helps calm a child

  • Clears and focuses the mind

  • Reduces need for ADHD medication

  • Improved attention and behaviour

  • Improvement in school performance

  • Improves self-regulation and self-containment

  • Raises self-esteem 

  • Helps foster class cohesion 

  • Reduces stress and worry 

  • Reduces anxiety and depression

  • Develops patience, confidence and independence