Take a Breather 

21-days of Breath Practices

Dear Breathwork Family

We are reaching out to you all with a message of love and support. We are feeling the impact of the COVID-19 global crisis, trying to make sense of what this means for us as individuals and as a society. There is so much overwhelming noise out there, so many opinions, articles, videos and posts. It is so easy to get caught up in it all.


This situation has massive implications for the way we are living, earning a living and taking care of our families and communities. Therefore now is the time when it becomes even more important for us to find silence, comfort and strength within and with each other.


We urge you all to turn to your breathing practices and to make it a priority. Now is the time when our practice becomes more relevant than ever. Join us for 21 days as we share breathing techniques to improve relaxation, balance and energy.

We hope that for the next 21 days we will be able to support you to access this precious gift which not only keeps us alive but can make us feel alive. Conscious breathing assists in creating an environment for healing, improves sleep, reduces anxiety, brings calm, supports focus, and increases energy levels.


Each day a new Blog Post will be posted which will give a simple technique to practice at any time. There will be a few techniques for children, allowing for the entire household to get involved.



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