Day 9 - Strengthening your lungs

Day 9 - Strengthening your Lungs: Breath Holding

A common symptom of a respiratory illness is the feeling of ‘air hunger’. It feels like we are not getting enough air in and as a result we tend to ‘over-breathe’. This exacerbates the symptoms causing the airways to constrict even further.

This exercise will help train your lungs and tone your respiratory system.

A healthy person should be able to hold the breath after the exhale for 30 secs. In order to tone and condition the respiratory system, we should be able to tolerate 45 - 60 seconds comfortably. This exercise will help build up to this level.

How to practice:

Breathe consciously through the nose a few times then take a full inhale and exhale. Relax and pause – don’t hold the breath ‘tightly’, just gently - before taking in the next inhale.

Try to hold the pause for as long as you can until you have the first urge to breathe and then breathe normally. Time how many seconds you can hold the breath before taking in the next inhale. See if you can lengthen this time each cycle over the next few days and week.

This practice is best done first thing in the morning.


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