• Marj Murray

Day 8 - Three Breaths of Blessings

Coronavirus has given us the opportunity to reconnect with our families. Why not use this time to create beautiful and meaningful family rituals that can continue even when this virus has passed.

Conscious slow breathing before a meal will deactivate the stress response and switch on your body’s rest and digest’ so that you are optimising your digestive function and helping your body to assimilate the nutrients from your meal.

As you sit down together at the dinner table, light a candle.

Take 3 deep long breaths together as a family.

The first breath is for yourself, to bring yourself into your body, to wake up your senses and bring yourself into the present and deactivate the stress response.

The second breath is to connect as a family, to feel a sense of gratitude for each other.

The third breath is for everyone on the planet who is also needing some support and for all the people that helped to bring this meal to you. From the farmworker to the truck driver to the people at the grocery store.


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