Day 19 - Breathing for Energy

This technique for energy is called 20 connected breaths. If you’re having mid-afternoon slump or need some energy on awakening, this is a great technique to use. It can also release any agitated or ‘stuck’ energy.

Each breath cycle includes an inhale and an exhale with no pauses in between.

We are using either the mouth or the nose for the breathing channel. So either inhale and exhale through the mouth, or inhale and exhale through the nose.

The inhale is strong and active, and the exhale is a complete letting go – a sigh out, no forcing, no controlling, just releasing.

How to practice:

Do this practice seated or lying down.

Sit or lie down and make yourself comfortable.

Start with exhaling completely.

Then start the breathing cycle, 4 short breaths and the fifth one a longer one, at a pace that suits you. Let the inhale merge into the exhale and the exhale merge into the inhale, and the inhale merge into the …

The fifth breath is a longer one, filling up your whole body. Let it release like a sigh on the exhale and relax your body even more. Remember, no gaps.

Do this 4 times in a cycle – 20 connected breaths.

Rest, feel the sensations, and then do another cycle.


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