Day 17 - Digital Detox Breath: Ground and Flow

In this time of social distancing and self isolation most of us are spending our time indoors and online. Our posture, coupled with the the nature of the information that we are consuming can impact your breathing. We will tend to breathe high up in the chest and less in the belly which further exacerbates the feeling of stress and anxiety.

This technique well improve blood circulation through your body and to every cell. Try to do this in your garden or on your balcony. This technique is most effective when done outside. If you have access to grass, do this barefoot so you can also get the grounding effect of the earth.

How to practice:

Stand with your feet hip distance apart and soften your knees.

Co-ordinate your breathing and movement of your hands.

Breath cycle one: As you inhale slowly, feel as if you are collecting and drawing up revitalising grounding and energy from the ground with your hands. Exhale slowly as you turn your hands down imaging that you are sending any anxiety and fear into the ground.

Breath cycle two: As you inhale slowly, imagine that you are drawing strength and courage towards your core, the centre of your belly. As you exhale turn your palms away from you and imagine that you are releasing frustration.

Breath cycle three: As you inhale, imagine drawing the warming energy of the sun into your heart and lungs, as your exhale, stretch your arms back out towards the sky imagining that you are sending love and compassion into the world.

Repeat all three cycles 3-5 times and then relax back to normal breathing with your eyes closed and hands at your sides and enjoy the sensations.


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