Day 13 – The Sigh

Take a sigh of relief now. Give yourself the kind of big relaxing sigh of relief that comes after a long hectic day, when you get home to your favourite chair and you can finally relax: the kind of breath you take when all the work is done. Take a deep breath now and deliberately let it out in the form of a big pleasurable sigh of release and relief. A breath like this comes to us by itself from time to time. Do it now on purpose. Exaggerate it. Notice how you feel after two or three big luxurious sighs.

If doing a theatrical sigh of relief or an exaggerated yawn is too big a leap for you, even in the privacy of your own home, then try this: tune into your breathing. Just look, listen, and feel. Find an aspect of your breathing that feels good or is somehow interesting. Focus on the details of your breathing and find some aspect that is organically pleasurable. Identify some sound or movement, some turning point, or a particularly interesting feeling or sensation. And then try to maximise your enjoyment of it. Deliberately take more pleasure from the simple act of conscious breathing.

The sigh is another natural reflex which we can hook into and use it to relax our body and move into the rest and relax mode. Never take another sigh for granted!


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