Day 12 – The Yawn

Yawning is a beautiful natural reflex that we need to make use of as often as possible. Have you ever watched a dog or a cat yawn? Watch what it does with its spine and limbs. Watch what it does with its jaw, neck, and even its pelvis and hips. When we yawn, we need to stretch and make sounds. We need to awaken and encourage these full body yawns in ourselves and others! Yawning is a powerful and vital natural reflex. Don't underestimate or overlook the power and potential of this simple natural breathing reflex. We need to set this precious reflex free.

Practice triggering a yawn. Open your jaw and throat as you inhale and trigger the yawn. We all know how to bring on a yawn. If not, just fake it. Pretend you are yawning. And watch a real yawn come! Yawn until your eyes water. And then yawn some more! Give yourself a full body yawn. Open your throat and chest and belly. Stretch your arms and arch your spine. Look to the sky! Exaggerate the yawn. Make it dramatic, theatrical! Don't cover your mouth. Stretch! Make noise! Do it again. Give yourself one yawn after another for two minutes. How do you feel now? Are you “buzzing”? Are your eyes watering? Are your juices flowing? Do you feel more relaxed, alive, awake, ? What is it that has changed inside of you? Is your world brighter? Yawn on purpose from time to time throughout the day.

We are socialised to believe that yawning is rude and we therefore stifle something that is very natural. While at home during this lockdown period, instead of chastising someone for yawning, make it a family ritual!


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