Day 10 - Elephant Breath for Children

This is a fun breath for everyone in the family and involves some movement. Sitting in front of a laptop for most of the day with online meetings and virtual schooling and constrict our breathing mechanisms and tighten our fascia. If you can, get outside to do the elephant breath. In a standing position, clasp your hands together, pretending that your arms are an elephant’s trunk. Bend over with your ‘trunk’ touching the ground. Inhale through you nose raising your ‘trunk’ high up and stretching. You can even trumpet like an elephant does.

Then exhale slowly through the mouth bringing your ‘trunk’ down to the ground.

Do a round of 5, then rest, and do another round of 5, stretching higher every time.

Do this in the morning, at lunchtime and in the evening to give your body a good stretch and get oxygen into your whole body.


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